The smart way to present industrial products

  • Interactive 3D visualisation
  • Augmented Reality (AR) presentations
  • Available for all mobile and desktop devices

This is how MagicLens works

Use cases

MagicLens is perfect for trade fairs and events.  With interactive 3D visualisations and augmented reality you can demonstrate the advantages and USPs of your products and catch the attention of prospective customers. Complex products in particular – such as component parts, machines and facilities – can quickly, easily and in an attractive format be made clear and simple.

Make a lasting impression on prospective customers, existing customers and partners with highly professional and innovative presentations that are custom made to show off the added value of your specific products and services.

The training and further professional development of employees is getting ever more important in order to remain competitive in the present market. MagicLens provides you with an effective tool for on-site as well as classroom training with the support of 3D renderings and 2D graphics.

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Case Study: ITT Enidine

ITT Enidine is a supplier of shock absorbers and critical components for the aerospace, rail and industrial sector. The focus of the project with the MagicLens team was the visualisation of complex products to support the sales teams. The main aim was to highlight product features and their unique added value.

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