MagicLens - Presenting industrial products

  • Interactive 3D visualization
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Available on all mobile and desktop devices
  • Remote 3D presentations for sales and training

Where is MagicLens used?

MagicLens is the tool to create complex products, machines, plants, solutions and to make processes virtually tangible.

Remote 3D Presentations

MagicLens is ideally suited for remote presentations via web conference or screen sharing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Webex and Teamviewer.

Trade Fair

Gain the attention of your customers, highlight the advantages and USPs of your products and be remembered. With MagicLens you can take your trade fair appearance to the next level!


Support your sales department in presenting complex products, machines, plants and solutions and help convince customers of the added value of your offer.


Show employees and new hires how your products work, what distinguishes them from the competition and which details are important. MagicLens offers a unique training experience.

Try MagicLens now!

With our free demo app you can get a good first overview of the capabilities of MagicLens. Try out the Interactive-3D (i3D) and Augmented Reality (AR) functionalities and convince yourself of the display quality of our interactive 3D renderings. Downloadable for iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets.

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